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Dohm Ceramics

Kingfisher Mug

Kingfisher Mug

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Each Kingfisher mug by Blue Firth of Dohm Ceramics is one of a kind. Six glazes adorn its surface—two that are dipped and four made by brush strokes. Blue's unique method of hand-painting on the Kingfishers transforms each mug into a magical and considered object. These are a firm Cræfta favorite and we're honored to be the only shop in the United States to carry this special mug. 

Please note that each Kingfisher is one of a kind and we will select one from our stock—all of them are incredible.


3 1/2" tall x 3 3/4" wide x 3" wide at mouth

8.89cm x 9.525cm x 7.62cm

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