Imogen Rose Denton

Imogen is a knitwear designer living and working in London. She also works as a planning consultant in the city. As both a planning consultant and a knitwear designer she is interested in how things fit and suit the human body, whether that be clothes or buildings. If they don’t work then she enjoys the process of rectification. She aims to make things that work well, solve problems and serve a specific purpose.

Protection is often a starting point for a lot of Imogen’s designs. Her first collection was called Knitted Armour and it looked to highlight the magical and physical power of knitwear. Since then this theme has always been central to her collections.

In her most recent collection ‘Helm’ Imogen looks to create a uniform that can resist destructive forces. The pieces take inspiration from the ground. She understands that wool is a kin to the earth and that it holds so much power as it allows us to bring something wearable into existence that already exists in nature; turning the natural into the man-made. Culture becomes entwined in the material and the wearer is held by both the earth and their heritage.

London, U.K. — @imogen_denton

Photograph by Sophie Davidson