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Sister Spinster

Evening Star Essence

Evening Star Essence

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We are deeply honored to offer Evening Star, an essence made by Sister Spinster especially for Cræfta!


Rest in the dark season. A map made of starlight.
Sinking into the rhythms of winter.
Essences of Amber & Pearly Everlasting in Pine Brandy

"Heavenly stars, dear children of black Night,
Round your thrones you move in circles,
O brilliant and fiery begetters of all"

From the Orphic Hymn 7, to the Stars
Translated from the Greek by Apostolos N. Athanassakis

Amber: Made from pine tree resin that has been distilled over millennia. Long used for wound healing in folk medicine, Amber essence gleams with ancient strength. It is the glow of the fire; offering gentle, warm light as solace and replenishment. This essence relaxes that which has been hardened and welcomes a relaxing, an opening, a flexibility, an ease. Amber rekindles our flame, tending to our vitality in the winter months.

Pearly Everlasting: Made on the autumn equinox on the rocky coast of Maine, the silver flowers of Pearly Everlasting reflect the starlight from the night sky - offering guidance in the deep dark nights of winter. This essence opens us to spirit, to the invisible realm & filters starlight through our bodies.

Pine Brandy: Pine invites a deep breath, a pause. A slowing down. A big exhale. Not only has Pine been used in folk tradition for opening the lungs and clearing colds and coughs; Pine is a great spiritual protector. This tree clarifies, circulates and clears stagnant energy. Pine provides space - have you ever taken a walk amongst the pines in winter? Everything slows down. It holds space for that which we keep close to our hearts. Pine has the capacity to hold grief, especially long griefs that have moved through time. There is a softening under the stars.

Dosage: 3 drops 3 x a day. Can place directly on the tongue or in your water or tea. Invite this formula in when you are struggling with the winter dark, needing guidance or wanting to honor the season.


Essences of amber and pearly everlasting in a base of pine-infused brandy
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