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Sister Spinster

Black Birch Gemmotherapy

Black Birch Gemmotherapy

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Limited in quantity, we are thrilled to carry this very special Black Birch Gemmotherapy made by our dear friend Liz Migliorelli, aka Sister Spinster!

This form of plant medicine uses only the buds of trees and shrubs. The bud is the embryonic tissue of the plant, vegetal stem cells.

The buds are full of potential, they contain the entire growth pattern and energetic imprint of the plant. Gemmotherapy extracts have been used in folk medicine to stimulate drainage systems of the body, such as the excretory organs of the kidneys, liver and skin. Gemmotherapy has been used for the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs; prompting deep transformation on a cellular level.

Birch has long been used in folk tradition and magic to stimulate renewal, the awakening of Spring. Birch is a strong agent of detoxification, breaking up stones in the kidney and bladder and tones and conditions the lower bowel. Birch is a diaphoretic, stimulating release through sweat, moving fluid up and out of the body. No wonder this plant is used so often in Slavic bathhouse traditions; it is a lymph mover, cleansing the body. Birch is extremely nourishing to the blood. In my working with Birch, Birch is plant that initiates us to a new beginning. Birch is a threshold. Birch enters us, we enter Birch.
Let Birch show you the way.

Dosage: Begin with 3 drops 3 x a day, directly on the tongue. You can take with or without food. You can put the drops in your water. Increase to up to 10 drops, 3 x a day.


Birch buds infused in spring water and glycerin 

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